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The two storey building on the waterfront was once the “watering hole for the local farmers, wharfies (the ship loaders), plus all the sailors from the ships. It would have really been a hive of activity for the area after a hard days work.

As the railway came and the larger ships could not moor, Port Germein was downsized to almost a ghost town and the hotel closed. The beach front building was opened as a general store throughout 1970’s but has since closed and the building has been restored back its original hotel appearance.

That’s not to say there is no hotel. In fact it’s quite the opposite. A busy little pub is now located in High street and services the locals and the many visitors at the caravan park and with holiday homes.

Port Germein Hotel as it was around 2000, before the restoration as it is to day.



No… not the world, but certainly one of the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.

It”s only 1532 metres long now, and a nice for a casual stroll, especially around sunrise or sunset. Originally opened in 1881 at a length of about 1500 metres, it was found to be still too short for the larger ships to berth and collect produce from the surrounding farmers. It was extended in 1883 to 1680 Metres.